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A family man, a thought leader and a champion for the underdog only touches on Shane’s qualities as a gentleman and leader.

To truly appreciate Shane’s passion for life and “doing the right thing”, you have to hear him talk about his friends and family, you have to hear him talk about his father.

You might wonder how a man like Shane SantaCroce, at the top of his marketing career, with the resources to do what he pleases professionally, ends up vetting drug treatment facilities to be included in a national network that Shane describes as the best-in-class.

That’s when it gets personal. Shane witnessed his own father’s life long battle with alcohol. He witnessed the toll it took on his family, his childhood and his mother. He talked to his friends about the fights they were facing with their own addictions and the battles they were confronting with opiod abuse among their own teenagers.

Shane SantaCroce understood what was needed.

Shane decided to use his marketing and public relations skills to make a difference and with a group of qualified professionals, Better Addiction Care was born.

Shane understood that access to quality treatment, was the major barrier that stands between the sick and suffering and wellness. Diligently developing a stringent set of guidelines and personal onsite inspections, Shane has built a national network of drug rehabilitation facilities and treatment centers focused on alcoholism.

Better Addiction Care has become the guiding light in an industry that has been fraught with challenges including patient brokering, insurance fraud and deceptive practices.

Shane Santacroce has been sought after as a thought leader and marketing expert in the addiction industry. “People’s lives are at stake and quality of care and access to treatment can’t be compromised. We must all do better” Shane said in closing comments at a recent on site training.

If you are interested in booking Shane for an upcoming event or discuss marketing for your facility, please complete the contact form on this website.

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