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Motivated by a strong personal drive to make a difference in the life of those suffering from the disease of addiction, Shane dug in after months of research and applied knowledge from his ever growing portfolio of successful ventures to help those in need, find a facility that fits. His personal evaluation of each center that comes under the Better Addiction Care umbrella ensures that folks are receiving the level of care and the type of treatment they need to have a fighting chance to beat this disease.

“I work with my team to make sure every next move is the right move for the client.” SantaCroce

“In an industry that is in flux, and an environment that may give us only one chance to get the person the help they so desperately need, every call, every contact is like throwing out a life preserver. I work with my team to make sure every next move is the right move for the client.” SantaCroce, leads with this passion and has built a team at Better Addiction Care that understands the importance of a productive outcome.

Shane SantaCroce has become a leading voice in the addiction industry having pioneered a premium roster of only the best mental health and drug and alcohol treatment facilities in the United States.

“Selecting a treatment partner is one of the biggest decision an addict or loved one will make. There is no need to go it alone” and effectively selecting the right facility and assisting with navigating the admissions process has made the difference in many lives since Better Addiction Care was founded in 2016, Shane emphasizes.

It is as a thought leader for the addiction industry that Shane has landed in panel discussions with state officials, interviews for local and global news publications and as a marketing adviser to the most successful treatment centers in the country. Under his watchful eye, Better Care Addiction has become the go to resource for those seeking to ease the processes of selecting a rehabilitation center and he has quickly become the voice for centers that meet his stringent criteria.

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